Playright Children’s Play Association of Hong Kong and IPSI Collaboration Efforts Continue

20120928_Playright_Final06 Playright Promo Video

This was my fourth IPSI business trip to Hong Kong for playground related training. IPSI offered the first National Recreation and Park Association Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Course and Examination in 2009 on the request of Playright Children’s Play Association of Hong Kong. Since then IPSI has back two more times to conduct the CPSI Course in 2010 and 2011. Monty Christiansen, founder of IPSI, LLC, started this relationship with Playright almost ten years earlier when he started conducting various playground safety training programs for Playright. Playright and IPSI work together to present the most current information playground development and management issues. To date we have presented sessions on accessibility for all people, especially children regardless of the abilities. We have just completed the first international Playground Maintenance Technician program. This new program was offered through Clemson University and presented by IPSI, LLC. And I am happy to annouce IPSI will be presenting our fourth Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course and Examination this December 9-13, 2013 in Kowloon.

Playground safety training is very important to the mission of Playright but it is really only a very small part of what they do throughout all of Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. To learn more about Playright and their mission you must watch their new promotional video (click on the link)

Playright was established in Hong Kong in 1987 as a charity that seeks to enrich the life of every child through quality play. We make a difference in the lives of children by encouraging them to play. They further seek to demonstrate to parents, teachers, policy makers and the public at large that quality play is vital if the full range of the child’s developmental and other needs is to be successfully met.

Through action, research and publicly covering four strategically related areas – Advocacy, Play Resources, Play Outreach, and Play Environments – Playright is helping to unlock the full potential of children in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia.

ADVOCACY ¬– They raise public concern about play and heighten recognition or its special values.

PLAY RESOURCES – They provide the tools, training and ideas that can make play an integral part of life everywhere and at any time.

PLAY OUTREACH – They create play opportunities in many different settings, including schools, families, hospitals and communities.

PLAY ENVIRONMENTS – They create safe, innovative and inspiring play environments for all children.

Training Playworkers is an ongoing effort. They received private funding to provide Playworkers in various hospitals to provide fun activities for children. They host many large community “play days” and other special activities for families. Playright recently received a grant to promote and publish fun family play activities. Each of these published activities comes with a list of supplies the family would likely find around the home.

Playright’s answer to the question, “Why children need to play?”
“Play lets children explore the world around them, create their own fresh worlds, and respond flexibly to new demands and challenges. Play helps children learn and develop as individuals and as members of their community. Play is serious fun that demands sufficient time and space.”

One of Playright’s challenges is to increase the public’s awareness of who they are, what they do, and hopefully inspire the public to get involved with their programs and activities. At their annual gala fundraising event they presented a video highlighting their program and recognize their volunteer efforts to help expand and promote the value of play. I think the video hits the mark and urge you all to click on the link and see what they are all about. Private funding is their life’s blood.

If you or your company are interested in helping make a difference in a child’s life through the value of play, I urge you to contact Playright and make a donation to their cause. Checks or inquiries can be sent to: ‘Playright Children’s Play Association’, 18A, Block F, 2 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, China.

Our training schedule for this trip was full from 8 until 6 each night but there was always time at night to seek out new places, people, things, and of course food. The night skyline of Hong Kong is one of the world’s best. The views of Victoria Bay can be appreciated from many tall buildings, observation decks, and several forms of water transportation. Enjoy the photos above. We did!

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