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In January 2010 one of the first presons to purchase the new edition of Playgorund Safety Is No Accident wrote this;



I spent most of yesterday and a large part of today reviewing the new 4th edition of PSINA, as well as, the various documents you included on the CD.

Having the audit forms available for filling-out on one’s computer screen is a definite BIG improvement over having to carry around a stack of printed-out audit forms! The one thing I wish I could do with the forms (once I’d completed them) would be the ability to save them into a file. (But, the only way of having that ability would entail shelling out about $299.00 to acquire the Adobe Acrobat Standard software).

The one other comment I have is regarding the use of the “Agency Compliance Audit Site Summary” form. In the previous editions of PSINA, you had the numerical-weighted form with the very last part of the form (after doing the math) showing what percentage of the playground was non-compliant with current standards.

My impression of this current form is it would seem to provide a better overview (or breakdown) of the specific types of priority non-compliances present on a playground. Overall, I think you really developed an even better, more comprehensive, PSINA with this edition! Now all that’s needed is for all the CPSI’s out there to REALLY read it AND use it!!! Congratulations on a great piece of work!!!


After his message I replied as follows;


Thank you Pete. Your comment on the CD Forms was a concern of mine as well but the cost to do what you are suggesting is way too expensive. I would need a software developer to create a program to do so which would drive up the cost of purchase as well as maintenance of the forms whenever there were changes. I am not a computer guy I just know what I use and what I need it to do. You are right about the cost of Adobe Suite but when you think about what you are doing with the information the $300 is a small price to pay for the time it will save you. When I look at the big picture I am probably selling the book and CD too cheap.

I also believe from experience that most people are using hard copies to conduct audit and inspections and putting them in a file cabinet forever. For this the system works fine. You create a master form and print a hard copy for the original and just copy it over and over again as needed and change form as needed. Because of this I went the cheapest way.

With regards to the summary form and results, I went with the way we are now teaching CPSI Course. When you read the instructions I now explain the three question evaluation process of the Possibility, Probability and Consequence. When everything that is non-compliant is put into context of Priority 1-3 or 1-4 (I only focused on 1-3) you can create the same kind of weighting of one site to another. You will notice I want the inspector to conduct an assessment on each slide or swing or climber, etc. This may make the form much longer but we need to evaluate each component on its individual merits. The old Audit Form evaluated each type of component collectively giving 6 slides a single composite score in lieu of six pages totaling a potentially much higher rating score. The problem with the old process was that a much smaller play area with considerably fewer play components could come up with a Safety Concern Rating Index higher then a much larger play area with 10 times more play components. Point being if one area has one slide with 3 non-compliant issues and the other larger area has 6 slides with the same non-compliance’s the Index Score would be identical. The focus needs to be on not just identifying non-compliance’s but focus on Number 1 and 2 Priorities for corrective action. The play area with the most Priority 1 and 2 issues should probably be the number one priority for action by the owner. I hope I made some sense of your concerns and that this comes across in the instructions.


Executive Director

International Playground Safety Institute, LLC.

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